Reports and Cases

FC4S Lagos 2021 Annual Impact Report

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UNEP Global Environment Outlook 6

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ULI Global Sustainability Outlook 2022

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Sustainable Development Goals in the European Union report 2022

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Renewable Energy Market Update - May 2022

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Statement on Climate, Environment, Peace and Security - G7 Foreign Ministers

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Nigeria Sustainable Finance Roadmap

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Nigeria sets up Pioneer Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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FC4S Sustainable Finance Market Update

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Lagos FC4S Personalised Report on 2020 Results

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Global Synthesis Report on Climate Finance

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Climate Bond Initiative Taxonomies

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Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Global Sustainable Finance: FC4S Network

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Nudging the Financial System: A Network Analysis Approach

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Shifiting Gears: The FC4S Network 2019 State of Play Report

· Shifting Gears I

· Shifting Gears II

Nigeria’s Journey towards being a Sustainability Driven Country

· Renewable Energy Potential in Nigeria

· Government Regulations and Legislations will Ensure Sustainable Waste Management in Nigeria

· IISD: Clean Energy Investment in Nigeria

The Finnish Approach on Waste Management

· Waste policies in Finland: Towards a Recycling Society

Waste-to-Energy Incineration by Norway

· Waste Management in Norway

· The Environmental Effectiveness of Solid Waste Management

Waste Management in Germany

· Germany Unveils 5-point Plan to Reduce Plastic Waste

· Recovery, Reuse and Recycling of Wastes: Germany

· Waste Management in Germany 2018

· A Case Study on Successful Municipal Solid Waste Management in Industrialized Countries by the Example of Karlsruhe City, Germany

Chile Sets Sights on 100% Renewables by 2040

· Solar Energy Contribution Towards 100% Renewable Energy Supply in Chile

Morocco Renewable Energy Target by 2030

· Morocco Raises its Renewable Energy Target to 52% by 2030

· UN: Case Study on Policy Reforms to Promote Renewable Energy in Morocco

· Renewable Energy Growth in Morocco

100% Renewable Energy in Costa Rica

· Decarbonisation Roadmap: 100% Renewable Energy for Costa Rica

· Observatory of Renewable Energy: Case of Costa Rica

· Financing Solar Energy in Costa Rica: Case Studies

· Energy Planning in Costa Rica

Ghana Journey Towards Renewable Energy

· Case Study Navrongo Solar PV Project Ghana

· Assessment of the Electricity Generation Mix in Ghana

· IRENA: Ghana Renewables Readiness Assessment

Building a Case for Green Buildings in Brazil

· UN: Green Building Intervention for Social Housing

· Green Buildings Market Intelligence Brazil Country Profile

Canada Green Building Trends

· The Economics of Green Building in Canada

· Canada as a Case Study: Green Building

· Benefits Driving the New and Retrofit Market: Canada Green Building Trends

· A Case Study of The Green Building Sector in Vancouver

Green Buildings in China

· Green Buildings Market Intelligence China Country Profile

· Costs and Benefits of Implementing Green Building Economic Incentives: Hong Kong as a Case Study

Kenya Set to Achieve 100% Energy Production Target in 2020

· A Case Study on Best Practice in Community Engagement in Energy Projects

· Energy Safety Nets Kenya Case Study

· Regulatory and Policy Options to Encourage Development of Renewable Energy

· The Role of Renewable Energy Mini-Grids in Kenya’s Electricity Sector

· Climate Investment Funds: Geothermal Energy Powering Kenya’s Future

Vienna’s Strategy Towards Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Clean Transportation

· Innovative Electric Buses in Vienna: Clean Fleets Case Study

· Smart Sustainable Mobility in Vienna, Austria

Zurich’s Clean Transportation System

· Implementation of Zürich’s Transit Priority Program.

· Clean Transportation in Zurich

United Nations Sustainable Development

· United Nations: Transforming our world- The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

· United Nations: The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019

· OECD: Measuring Distance to the SDG Targets

Ongoing Trends in Sustainable Energy

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