Member of the International
Network of Financial Centres
for Sustainability.

Accelerating the expansion
of Green/Sustainable Finance...

Partnering with local and international
stakeholders to enhance the delivery of the
UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria

The Financial Centre for Sustainability Lagos (FC4SL) was set up with a vision “to become Africa’s leading Financial Centre for Sustainability by 2030”,

…and a mission “to position Lagos as a leading market in sustainability principles through investments, innovation, partnerships and capacity development through its core values of Innovation, Market Development, Partnership, Awareness, Credibility and Teamwork (IMPACT)”.

Our Thematic Areas

Policy and Regulation

Legal and Risk Management

Research, Education and Engagements

Issuances and Investments

We offer key transformational projects and innovation such as the Green Tagging Project (GTP) in conjuction with our foreign partners.

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